Whether it's a doll that brings back treasured childhood memories or a classic car bought as an investment and stored under a sheet in a warehouse, collectibles come in all shapes and sizes. What's valuable to one person is garbage to another, with tastes, and investment returns, changing with the generations. What's something worth? Only what someone is willing to pay for it. On these pages we'll keep you informed about the latest trends and results in the collectible marketplace – cars, motorcycles, guitars, space artifacts, scientific instruments and more.

June 11, 2019
Three important scientific auctions this week: a 13-m (43-ft) Diplodocus skeleton (US$1.5 to $1.8 million), a first edition Luca Pacioli’s "Summa de Arithmetica" ($1.0 to $1.5 million) and a presentation copy of Charles Darwin’s "On the Origin of Species" ($200,000 to $300,000).
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