Chairs which fold out to become occasional beds are nothing new, but we haven't previously seen one that works in quite the same way as the Girella from Campeggi. Designed by Lorenzo Damiani, the Girella transforms from an armchair to a mattress and back again in the simplest manner possible.

When rolled up, the Girella is a small armchair described as being "ideal for the children's room." This seems accurate, as it's 70 cm high and 62 cm across, with a seat height of 41 cm (27.5 x 24 x 16 inches). So, probably not big enough for an adult but plenty big enough for kids of all ages. The fact that the seat is formed by the edges of the rolled-up mattress should make it more supportive.

When rolled out, the Girella is small single bed/play mattress measuring 193 x 80 cm (76 x 31.5 in), which is just a little smaller than a regular single bed. No mechanisms are involved at all, with the whole thing being made of soft materials: polyurethane foam with polyester padding and a lycra covering.

The Girella is priced at around US$700. Campeggi seems to specialize in kooky furniture, having previously turned heads at the Milan Design Fair in 2012.

Source: Campeggi via Gizmodo

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