We've already seen bike lights that are built into the stem, rims, fork, brakes, bars and even the kickstand. Jesse Iozzio, however, is trying something new – the Brooklyn-based entrepreneur's Integrated Bike Lights are incorporated into the wheel hubs' quick release skewers.

The water-resistant system consists of two LED-equipped skewers (which replace those already on the bike), along with a 3,400-mAh lithium-ion battery that goes inside the bike's existing steer tube. A combination of wires and electrically-conductive reflective tape carry current from that battery, along the frame and to the lights.

When users need to remove a wheel, they just unplug the wire from that wheel's LEDs.

The lights are turned on and off via a single button on top of the battery compartment, that button also sitting at the top of the handlebar stem. The battery can be removed when it needs to be juiced up, with one USB charge reportedly being good for four hours of run time – that figure may increase as the circuitry is further developed.

When we met him at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Iozzio said that he plans on launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds for his system. That project should be starting soon, and will be accessible via the link below. Pledges will begin at US$250, for a basic system that has one light on each skewer (a headlight and a tail light) for a combined output of 330 lumens. A wheel-locking security feature may also be included.

"I love it," he told us, in reference to his product. "It's been four years in the making, and I'm really happy to showcase it."

Company website: Iozzio Cycles

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