Apple releases iPhone Micro USB Adapter to comply with EU standard

The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter that is now available from the U.K. Apple Store

To cut down on the amount of mobile phone chargers relegated to the garbage after a phone upgrade, in 2009 the European Commission reached a voluntary agreement with 14 major smartphone manufacturers who committed to providing a standardized charger based on the micro-USB connector that is compatible with all models of data-enabled mobile phones. Apple was one of the manufacturers that signed on to the agreement and has now delivered with the appearance of the Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter in the company's U.K. online store.

With the plethora of iPhone accessories made specifically for Apple's proprietary dock connector, there was no way the company would ditch that in favor of a micro USB connector on the iPhone. Therefore an adapter is the obvious choice as it allows iPhone users to continue to enjoy their existing docks and accessories, while allowing Apple to comply with the European Commission's mandate for a common standard smartphone charger.

The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter will sync and charge all iPhone models from the iPhone 3G on. It costs GBP8 (approx. US$12.45) from the U.K. Apple Store but buyers will have to source their own micro USB cable.

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