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$195 plug-and-play Snazio turns computer into a video recorder

$195 plug-and-play Snazio turn...
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The Pocket PVR is a miniature personal video recorder that allows the viewer to watch TV (or any other external video source) on any Windows 2000 and XP laptop or desktop computer.

It also doubles as a video capture card, so TV programs can be recorded to your hard disk in DVD quality. This also means you can capture video from your video camera or VCR onto your hard disk, ready for playback and editing.

Time-lapse recording allows the user to record and playback the same program simultaneously and recording can be done in different formats such as wav, avi and mpeg.

The PVR connects by USB2.0 and has a low consumption design so it requires no power adapter - it runs on the USB bus power.

Complete with a remote control, the PVR costs - wait for it, AUD$195 from

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