British home designer Duncan Jackson recently joined forces with architectural firm Piercy Conner to transform an 1880 defense tower in Suffolk, England into a stylish and accommodating home. The defense tower, being a historically-registered building, was transformed whilst maintaining its structural appearance and integrity. The project came with a list of obstacles, including the tower's round structure, minimal windows, 12 foot-thick walls and wetlands environment. Despite these hurdles, the joint venture successfully created a contemporary home with an abundance of light, warmth and a streamlined interior design.

The first floor houses the bedrooms. Although it has no windows, it leads onto the central circular staircase, designed to filter natural light throughout the entire home. An inconspicuous metal roof was positioned above the top brick line to incorporate a circle of windows. This simple design element allows light to flow throughout the home, without disturbing the original look of this protected building.

In addition, an abundance of lighting tubes draw light into the living spaces, whilst also dramatizing the natural pattern of the ancient stone walls.

A single main entrance leads through to a large storage room, once used for housing armaments and cannonballs.

It is hoped that the unique approach taken to this project could inspire the transformation of ancient defense towers or other protected structures around the world.

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