Some parents loathe the end of school holidays. Not just because they have to kiss their little darlings goodbye for another year but because they’re dreading the hours of work they will spend sewing or ironing labels onto school uniforms. What if there was a more time-efficient way to label clothes? The Attach-a-tag is a clever little system that labels clothing and other school items in seconds and it’s so easy to use - you can get the kids to do it themselves.

The Attach-a-tag consists of an applicator and a small button (or tag) that is laser-etched with the garment owner’s name. The tag is attached to a seam or brand label by the ergonomic hand-held applicator using a push and twist movement. The laser-etching is clear, resists fading and wear and can withstand industrial washing temperatures and dry cleaning. The tags can also be easily removed if the clothing is worn out or if your child has a (yet another!) growth spurt.

To attach the tag to clothing or other items such as pencil cases or bags, you place the pre-labeled tag firmly in the head of the applicator with the pin pointing downwards. The retainer is placed in the mouth of the applicator with the dome in the bottom of the recess. You then place the clothing in the mouth of the applicator, squeeze the handles firmly together, and then rotate the tab six to seven times in a clockwise position until the tab is connected to the retainer and voila – the item is labeled. The tag will not fall off but it can be easily removed by placing the square side of the retainer into the applicator. The tag then is pulled down and the retainer pops off.

Attach-a-tag applicators start from GBP10 (plus 17.5% tax) and a 50 pack of labels and retainers cost GBP12 (plus 17.5% tax) – that’s about US$40 for both – not bad when you consider how much time you’ll save, and if your child has a special knack for losing pieces of clothing - at least you know there’s a chance they’ll find their way home. See Attach-a-tag for more details.

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