From one angle it resembles a pyramid, from another the sail of a massive ship voyaging down the Hudson River. Needless to say, BIG's 450 ft (137 m)-tall Via 57 West stands out even in a city with its fair share of impressive high-rises.

The 32-story tetrahedral building was developed by Durst Organization and takes up almost an entire city block in Manhattan. Primarily residential, its design can be seen as a melding of a skyscraper and a European housing block with central courtyard, hence its wacky "courtscraper" moniker.

The courtyard itself is landscaped by Starr Whitehouse and features the exact same proportions as Central Park, except it's one 13,000th the size. Thanks to Via 57 West's unusual shape, this green space will receive sunlight and offer an enviable view of the Hudson.

"By keeping three corners of the block low and lifting the north-east corner up towards its 450 ft peak, the courtyard opens views towards the Hudson River, bringing low western sun deep into the block and graciously preserving the adjacent Helena Tower's views of the river," explains BIG.

Though only just officially completed, residents have been steadily moving in since May and enjoying amenities that include outdoor activity areas, a pool room, gym, spa, golf simulator, and the like.

Inside, the decor is described as "Scandimerican" (think Scandi-chic with local materials), and includes oak wood floors and cabinets, white porcelain tiles in the bathrooms, and large bay windows opening up onto the river view.

Via 57 West is just the latest in a series of US-based projects by the Bjarke Ingels-led firm, including a police station, twisting skyscraper, and Two World Trade Center design.

Source: BIG

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