February 26, 2008 If camping is your game then space is likely to be a high-priority, so anything that successfully delivers a "two-in-one" option is always going to be a winner. This new tent power system from Coleman produces both light and a cool breeze for that little extra comfort whilst in the great outdoors.

The unit provides light at the touch of a button and a powerful, soothing circulation for the warmer months via a fan with high/low settings. It comes with a powerful magnet system so you can position it almost anywhere in the top or side of the tent, thanks to a two-part magnet that “clamps” to the tent fabric. It can also be retrofitted to any tent.

The fan/light device is powered by eight D-cell batteries which will run for 55-65 hours (light only), 25-30 hours (fan on high only) or 15-20 hours (Light/Fan on high). It comes with fan attachment, remote control, magnet, battery pack and clips to attach to tent and retails for USD$39.99. The perfect solution for those who like their creature comforts at the camp site without taking up too much space.

Via Coleman.