The Dodge Demon caused a serious stir when it launched at the New York Auto Show in April, but some details remained unclear: namely, how much it would cost. Now we have a price tag, it's clear the road-legal dragster offers more horsepower-per-dollar than you can get almost anywhere else.

Dodge will be selling the Demon for US$84,995 without any options, making it $35,000 more expensive with the (slightly) less powerful, (significantly) less focused SRT Hellcat. That's a lot of money for what is, at its core, the same unsophisticated Challenger first shown in 2008.

Although there are a few options, they aren't priced like the options on normal cars. The "Demon Crate", which includes narrow front wheels for the drag strip and unlocks the full engine output, costs just $1. Adding a passenger seat will also cost $1, as will the rear seats. Carpet for the trunk is another $1 add-on. Some regular options are also available – a leather comfort package is available, and the satin black exterior package will set you back $3,495, while a sunroof adds $4,995.

So, what else could you buy for the money? If you have German tastes, the BMW M4 is around $20,000 cheaper than the Demon, but its turbocharged inline-six engine makes just 317 kW (425 hp). To even get close to the 626 kW (840 hp) you get from the Dodge in something German, you'll need to shell out at least $100,000 for the Mercedes E63S AMG and its 450-kW (612-hp) turbo engine.

Those determined to stick with all-American muscle could drop their hard-earned on an $80,000 Corvette Z06 with 485 kW (650 hp). The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat comes closest to the Demon, but its $50,000 price only buys you 527 kW (707 hp).

In other words? The Demon might be expensive, but when you think about how much power you get for that outlay, you need to look to the world of modifying. And it's worth remembering, modified cars don't come with specialized insurance or a factory warranty.

Just 3,000 Dodge Demons will be sold in the US, with a further 300 bound for Canada. You can check the car out in the video below.

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