E Ink has revealed what it's calling the world's largest commercially available active matrix ePaper module at CES 2017. Though primarily aimed at the digital signage market, its first application is actually destined for conference rooms and classrooms. QuirkLogic's eWriter connected writer system has been combined with E Ink's 42-inch ePaper display technology for the Quilla whiteboard.

Given its readability in various lighting conditions and its low power needs, it's no surprise that E Ink technology has jumped from e-readers like the Kindle to bus timetable displays, wearables and even interior design. The latest addition to the E Ink Pearl product line has been developed to satisfy large display needs in public information, retail and transportation industries.

The 4:3 ratio ePaper display module has a resolution of 2,160 x 2,880 at 85 ppi, and is just 1.64 mm (0.06 in) thick. QuirkLogic's digital writing system allows boardroom presentation givers to jot ideas onto the Quilla whiteboard using a pen-like stylus. Content can be automatically saved, and wirelessly shared with other smartphone-packing team members from a central library.

A built-in battery is reported to offer up to 16 hours of mains-free use per charge, meaning that team leaders could take their meetings outdoors or on the road – though with a weight of 22 lb (10 kg), the latter may take some forethought. Numerous displays can be daisy-chained together to form a huge connected wall.

Canada's QuirkLogic hasn't yet revealed pricing for the Quilla, but it's expected to be available in Q2 of this year.

Sources: E Ink, QuirkLogic

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