Dirty floors seem like just the kind of dull, repetitive task that robots were made for, and from Roomba to lesser-known models like the Mint, we've seen quite a few built to take on the job. The latest droid to which we can delegate mopping duties is the Everybot RS700, which uses a bunch of sensors to cleverly seek out dirty spots in the dark and stay on the straight and narrow.

From a design perspective, perhaps the most interesting thing about the Everybot RS700 is that it has no wheels. To get around, it instead relies on two orbital microfiber mops underneath, which can dictate the speed and direction of the robot by altering how they spin. These are fed by an automated internal water supply and the pads can be pulled off and put through the washing machine when they need a freshen up.

A set of multi-directional sensors keep the Everybot RS700 from colliding with furniture and walls, while a "cliff detection" sensor enables it to recognize when it is headed over the edge of a staircase or ledge and retreat to safety. Then there is the so-called Exit Shadow Area Technology, which enables the robot to detect a darker area, like beneath a couch for example, and then, rather than hide there, head for the light again once the job is done.

A range of cleaning modes is available depending on the task at hand, including one that sends the Everybot RS700 off along the walls of a room, one that focuses on particular hotspots, and simple auto-cleaning, where it will be left to clean an entire space. It can also be controlled manually via a remote control. Each full charge is said to allow for two and a half hours of mopping time.

The robot is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where early pledges of US$279 are available and will have an Everybot RS700 headed you way in December if all goes to plan. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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