Even for people who have spacious, secure garages, stored bicycles can still get in the way. Putting them vertical against the wall is one option, but Italy's Codeima Srl is now offering another – the company's hinged flat-bike-lift rack allows users to store their rides flat against the ceiling, with a little pneumatic and hydraulic assistance.

To put their bicycle away on the device, users just pull the rack down from the ceiling, lift their bike up a few feet, and place the wheels in its wheel gutter. They then apply a spring-loaded retention hook to the bike's saddle, and lift up on the bottom of the flat-bike-lift. A gas-filled piston takes over from there, gently pulling the bike up to sit perpendicular to the ceiling.

When it's time to get the bike back, the process is repeated in reverse – this time with a hydraulic piston helping to ease the bike back down.

If you're interested, the flat-bike-lift can be ordered now for €229 within Europe, or €204 (about US$224) in non-European countries. Optional extras include a helmet rack, a wider wheel gutter for fatbikes, and a rope extension handle for shorter users.

The rack can be seen in use, in the video below.

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