If floor space is lacking, finding a place for a desk in your home can be difficult. However, help is on hand in the form of a very svelte workstation produced by Müller Möbelwerkstätten dubbed the Flatmate. It should find a place in even the most modestly proportioned living space while still offering considerable storage, and some clever additional features, too.

When closed, Flatmate is a tall and slim cabinet which can be affixed to an adjoining wall via a V-strip and two screws. With its dimensions of 71 x 114 x 12 cm (27 x 44 x 4 inches), designer Michael Hilgers reckons Flatmate to possibly be the smallest fully-equipped bureau on the market. While we’re not quite ready to sign-off on such bold claims, we haven’t found anything to contradict them, either.

The worktop is lowered by a gas spring, and can be secured with a lock, if required. When duly unfolded, Flatmate offers 42 x 71 cm (16 x 27 inches) of desk space, which should be ample to house a laptop up to 17 inches in size, with some room left over.

Flatmate is available in 14 colors and sports some discrete additional features hidden away in those minimalist lines, such as a glare-free fluorescent workspace light and a long power cable to charge your laptop or any other device.

In addition, there are several areas for CD’s, documents and whatever else you need to work with, plus a stand for your tablet of choice.

Flatmate seems to be available for purchase now, though we’ve yet to receive word on availability and price.

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