Flying Electric Generator (FEG) technology

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February 1, 2006 We all know that burning fossil fuel for the world’s energy needs has a number of significant drawbacks, most notably the resultant emissions doing irreparable damage to the earth’s ecology, and the inevitable rise in prices due to the laws of supply and demand and dwindling capacity. Accordingly, the web site of the Sky WindPower company offers some compelling calculations which show that there is waaay more than enough energy in high altitude winds, miles above the earth's surface, to supply all the world's power needs and that this energy can be economically captured using Flying Electric Generator (FEG) technology.

In mass use, their calculations show that FEGs could produce electricity at a life cycle cost of less than two cents per kilowatt hour using tether materials now available. And new tether materials with even stronger strength to weight ratios are being developed.

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