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TDK NXT speaker technology offers a new look

TDK NXT speaker technology of...
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Even at a second glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking TDK's new mini sound system is missing a set of speakers, until you come to realise that the NXT technology speakers incorporated into the sound system are transparent.

Invisible SurfaceSound speakers are the trademarks of TDK's new Slimline NX-02CD CD system, which TDK claims fill the room with sound, offering a broad sweet spot, and eliminating the 'beaming' often associated with conventional speakers.

The mini subwoofer adds distortion free low-end deep bass response while the 'invisible' flat panel speakers emit pure, rich acoustic clarity. Traditionally speakers create a narrow sound field through the piston-like movement of a single cone. NXT technology creates sound by vibrating the entire speaker panel. The NX-02CD's motorised door opens upwards for extra 'space-age' appeal and the bang-per-buck is high at just AUD$299, complete with a slim remote control.

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