July 18, 2007 The humble wireless router is an unglamorous device, sitting sheepishly out of sight somewhere in the house and only getting any attention when somebody's angry that their YouTubing is being interrupted. Belkin's N1 Vision, on the other hand, is designed to take pride of place on the computer desk. As sexy to look at as anything Apple have released, the N1 boasts an LCD screen that gives you an instant snapshot of your upload/download speeds, network bandwidth usage, guest access keys, and a nice time/date display. It can also pinpoint exactly which devices on your network are hogging all the downloads, which will be a fun feature in share-houses when it comes to bill-splitting time.

Belkin’s new N1 Vision wireless router features an advanced interactive network display that allows you to view the activity of your network. Packaged in a new sleek and sophisticated design, N1 Vision offers 802.11n 3x3 MIMO radio design and wired gigabit ports.

The vision's patent-pending LCD displays your download/upload speedometer, network bandwidth usage, number of connected devices, guest access network key, date and time.

Other features include:

* Interactive network display * Plug-and-Play “CD-less” setup * Operating Range: Up to 1,600 ft. * Link Rate: Up to 300Mbps in 20/40MHz channel mode * Compatible with IEEE 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11n draft 2.0^1 , 802.3ab * Ports: WAN – 1 Gigabit port; LAN – 4 Gigabit ports * Security: Wi-Fi Protected Setup™; WPA™, WPA2™; 64-/128-bit WEP encryption; multiple SSID * VPN Support: PPTP; IPSec pass-through

The Vision will be available in the USA from late July 2007 with launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow. RRP is US$199.

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