Loz Blain

Loz leads the New Atlas team as Editorial Director, after 17 years as one of our most versatile writers. Starting in 2007, he's proven himself in many roles, including as a photographer, videographer, presenter, producer and podcast engineer.

Originally joining the team as a motorcycle specialist, he's covered just about everything for New Atlas, concentrating lately on clean energy, AI, humanoid robotics, next-gen aircraft, and the odd bit of music and automotive.

A BA (Psychology) from Melbourne University doesn't tell the full story; Loz studied a remarkably wide range of subjects within the humanities and sciences before tying the bow on a degree.

He worked in marketing, copywriting and communications during the dot-com boom, then as a business analyst and consultant in the software industry, then had a couple of adventurous bites at life as an international touring musician, first as a drummer, then as a singer in Australia's second-best a cappella band, and finally with an extremely crass musical comedy duo, before coming on board full-time with New Atlas as part of the core team.

Loz describes himself in the third person as an inch deep and a mile wide, broadly interested in people and things, addicted to the learning curve, a natural communicator, easily bored, unafraid to look stupid, and blessed with a good balance between technical understanding and weird, flowery, boundary-pushing creativity.

He sees his work with New Atlas as a way to celebrate, connect with and challenge the people pushing humanity forward. A father of two wonderfully strange kids, he's currently loving guitars, writing and recording music, yoga and motorcycles.