November 2, 2007 Anyone who has ever lost or had stolen their mobile phone will appreciate the utter chaos this can cause. As as our reliance on the information stored in mobile devices grows, so does the need to ensure that the data on your SIM card is securely backed-up. The Videotex SIM Card Backup Device 801A offers a sensible solution in the form of a pocket-sized (3.3 x 2 x 0.5 inch) unit with an LCD screen for displaying up to 1000 contact details and the ability to restore data quickly to your replacement SIM card.

The 801 series works with GSM and CDMA SIM cards plus UK 3G SIM cards and supports data exchange amongst different compatible SIM cards. It features 32KB internal memory capacity and a large keypad for editing information stored in the device.

The Datopal Brand Videotex SIM Card Backup Device 801A is available via for USD$16 - not a huge outlay for the resulting peace of mind.

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