Mooz is aiming to fill in the gap between cheap, flimsy home 3D printers and expensive industrial gear with a modular all-in-one design offering interchangeable heads providing the ability to easily switch between multicolor 3D printing, CNC carving and laser engraving modules.

Coming from a Korea-based company, the Mooz system's modular design offers different heads for single color 3D printing, multicolor 3D printing, basic CNC carving (8,000 rpm, 0-5 mm depth), and low-power 250 mW laser engraving.

There are three basic platforms to start with: the Mooz 1 offers basic 3D printing, CNC and laser with a single vertical arm, the Mooz 2 adds an extra vertical support arm for better precision and stability, while the Mooz 3 is a totally different three-pillar design that can't take the CNC or laser heads, but can print using two different color filaments.

Each uses a phone-style touchscreen control panel that lets you plug in a USB key with your designs, set parameters and go.

Mooz is keen to point out that all major components are aluminum, with high-precision stepper motors and linear guideways helping to reduce vibration and give a printing precision of 0.02 mm.

The company has smashed through the US$50,000 goal for its Kickstarter campaign, with pledges starting at US$429 for the full Mooz-1 kit. The extra precision of the Mooz-2 kit costs US$479, and the dual-colour Mooz-3 costs US$389. Mooz plans to begin shipping by November or December this year if all goes to plan.

Check out the campaign pitch video below.

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