MSI Wind Top AE1900 touch-enabled all-in-one PC

MSI Wind Top AE1900 touch-enabled all-in-one PC
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April 21, 2009 Due for its first public showing next week at EcoFocus in New York is the next-generation MSI Wind Top AE1900 desktop PC, a touch-enabled all-in-one PC with 18.5” widescreen and surround sound. It'll be interesting to try the Wind Top with its touch-enabled applications and webcam-optimized motion capture games, but we suspect that the ergonomics involved in continually lifting one's arms to touch the screen will soon kill the novelty value and users will be plugging in the color-matched keyboard and mouse that comes with it. One day, no doubt, all PCs will come without a keyboard – don't throw the keyboard and mouse away just yet though.

The MSI Wind Top AE1900 comes with 802.11n wireless, 16:9 widescreen, DVD Super Multi drive and built-in speakers with SRS Premium Sound. The connection and webcam with microphone are all ready for the popular instant messaging and quality video call.

The MSI Wind Top AE1900 uses Intel’s energy-efficient processor designed to to save the power consumption by 80% compared to a traditional desktop PC. Even at its full operation, MSI Wind Top AE1900 only consumes 50 watts or less. MSI Wind Top AE1900-01SUS is delivered built with a 160 GB hard drive, 4 USB ports, 4-1 card reader and a set of the color-matched multimedia keyboard and mouse. The ultra-silent cooling system eliminates traditional cooling fan noises and keeps the noise level no more than 26 decibels.

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1 comment
This is cool, I have the MSI netbook and I can\'t say enough good things about that product. I only wish it wasn\'t my wife\'s. With windowed operating environments continuing to be \'the\' way of business, the touchscreen can be quite intuitive if it were to allow switching between documents... why do I have to suddenly take my hand off the keyboard, move the cursor, click something, click something else to switch screens... a wave of my hand would be nice. I think this would be great to try with windows infinite canvas project.
I have to chuckle at the continued messages of \'doing away with keyboards\'.(I\'m not picking on gizmag... I love gizmag).. The computer while adding media presentation to its list of commonly used functions is and still is a devices to input and share printed/typed information. Until someone invents a way to interface with digital information in a way without text, even speech recognition is a translation of audio to typed word... still text.. there will be a a need for a keyboard. We got to where we are today because of the invention of written language, I don\'t think its a far stretch that the computer will always be language/text bound.