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New Concept Watch Design uses pSEL technology

New Concept Watch Design uses pSEL technology
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September 28 2006 The DD101 watch takes advantage of the flexibility of electroluminescent display technology. The plastic electroluminescent interface display is inlayed into an oversize bangle which carries a hidden timing function. Pressing on the side-button, reveals the time in a large display instantly changing it from a simple piece of jewelry to a functional timepiece. Pelikon UK designed the printed segmented electroluminescent (pSEL) touch displays and the funky DD101 watch design comes from o.d.m. The DD101 looks like a bangle when dormant but can be quickly transformed into a stylish time piece when out on the town in the evening.

The watch was recently previewed at the Hong Kong Clock and Watch Fair and has already won the iF Design Award, China which was presented to o.d.m at CeBIT Asia in Shanghai. This award is targeted at manufacturers and designers from all over the world who are active in the Chinese market.

“The DD101 is more than just a fashion watch, it fuses cutting edge display technology with an eye-catching design,” said Paul So, Chairman, o.d.m. design & marketing ltd. “Pelikon’s pSEL technology has allowed us to create a product that not only has low power consumption, but also offers a bright, lightweight flexible display, setting it aside from a standard wrist watch.”

“Working with o.d.m further demonstrates the truly flexible and robust nature of our technology,” said Andrew Green, Product Manager, Pelikon. “pSEL™ is truly adaptable and the DD101 watch demonstrates a marriage of technology and fashion. Pelikon is continually seeking new opportunities for its flexible displays, and this partnership with o.d.m has resulted in yet another innovative product.”

View gallery - 13 images
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