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New Version of SIM Cards to Offer Increased Functionality

New Version of SIM Cards to Offer Increased Functionality
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October 29, 2004 Flash Disc pioneer M-Systems has unveiled plans for the MegaSIM Card Module in the second half of 2005. For the first time in the mobile phone market, the MegaSIM card will combine high capacity flash-based storage with densities reaching 256 MB and advanced security features to enable a variety of compelling mobile applications.As mobile handsets increase their multimedia capabilities and service providers begin implementing broadband mobile service, the need for secured, scalable and configurable high capacity storage becomes acute. The MegaSIM card module will enable SIM card vendors to provide their mobile operator customers with a (U)SIM (universal subscriber identity module) card enabling a variety of advanced mobile services such as MMS, MP3 and video clips downloading, full PIM functionality, and high resolution picture storage.

The MegaSIM card module, like any standard SIM card, can be used by all 2G and 3G GSM service providers for user identification and authentication and to store phone settings and numbers. Unlike other SIM cards in the market, the MegaSIM card, with its enhanced, secure storage capacity, will free mobile network operators and handset vendors from the need to bundle the memory cards that are used in many feature and smart phones. This promises to open up high bandwidth services to a larger proportion of the mobile phone community who want to use the expanded functionality but aren't prepared to buy new phones to get it. It will also enable new handsets to be simplified and allow more options for the use of new services.

The main advantages of M-Systems' MegaSIM card module will be:

1. Secure, integrated storage for distribution of rights-protected content and services 2. Backwards compatibility with cellular industry standards 3. Ubiquity - Most phones have or will have a (U)SIM or UIM slot 4. Space and cost savings compared to a 2 card (SIM card + memory card) combination 5. Scalability - A 16 - 256MB solution for the mass market's need for memory, with higher capacities to follow 6. Convenience - User and carrier data can easily be moved to a new mobile phone in a standardized way during upgrades or other phone changes

"We believe that the integration of SIM card functionality with secured, high capacity data storage offers a better, more secure data solution as well as cost advantages over the pairing of memory cards and SIM cards," said Mishael Agami, general manager of M-Systems' Data Trust division.

"The introduction of the MegaSIM card will be an important catalyst in the migration to enhanced SIM cards, which we anticipate will lead to increased data usage, enable new revenue streams for mobile operators, enhance service differentiation and enrich the operator-user relationship."

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