Pininfarina is one of the best-known design houses in the car world, with a back catalogue of gorgeous designs for brands like Ferrari and Maserati, but the legendary Italian brand is more than just a stylist for other companies. Its latest project, set to launch in Geneva, is a collaboration with Emerson Fittipaldi – and based on the latest teaser, it's going to be good.

Anyone familiar with the period between 1970 and 1980 in motorsport will instantly know Emerson Fittipaldi. Not only did he win the F1 driver title twice, his trophy cabinet is also home to two Indianapolis 500 wins and a CART championship. As racing legends go, few are better qualified to lend their expertise to the development of a road car.

Based on the limited information released so far, he seems to have the project on the right track. Carbon fiber has been used liberally, helping keep curb weight around just 1,000 kg (2,205 lb) without sacrificing anything in terms of rigidity or crash safety, while a naturally aspirated V8 making more than 447 kW (600 hp) nestles under the hood. That's a potent combination, especially when you consider the similarly light Alfa 4C needs 177 kW (237 hp) to shoot to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.5 seconds.

"What was important to me in creating the EF7 is that the car not only provides pure passion and adrenaline but will also be forgiving and safe for drivers of all skill levels," says Emerson Fittipaldi. "Owner-drivers can expect reliability, lower maintenance cost and minimal mechanic and tech teams – which means more time and elation on the track."

The EF7 won't be the only new car on show for Pininfarina at the Geneva Motor Show this March – alongside it, a new eco-sedan designed in collaboration with Hybrid Kinetic Group will be launched as well. Details are in short supply at the moment, but the H600 promises "new energy propulsion" and, based on the picture above, a slinky design.

Both cars will be released on March 7 at the Geneva Auto Show, where New Atlas will be on the ground covering all the action. Rest assured, we'll be there to see them launched.

Source: Pinifarina

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