From the ‘it’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that?’ file comes the… Roll-out Veg Mat. Lack of time or a green thumb is no longer an issue (or an excuse). Just roll out the pre-sown-and -fertilized corrugated cardboard seed mat, add soil and water, then sit back and enjoy the fruits – or rather, veg – of your very limited labor.

Jokes aside, designer Chris Chapman says the Veg Mat is a “simple, fun solution which could encourage families and individuals to grow their own food, saving them money and of course the environment.”

It's also a great idea for those short on garden space.

To accompany the Veg Mat Chris has also come up with the Herb Garden. The mats come sowed with four types of vegetable seeds and organic fertilizer.

A new mat can be purchased each season ensuring year-round fresh veggies.

You might also like to check out some of Chris’s other environmentally focused projects, such as the Solar Cell, Wireless Furniture and Detail Magazine.

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