May 29, 2008 Recently we reported on Japanese cellular provider KDDI releasing a Sharp waterproof, solar-powered cell phone, which we believe has been renamed the SH002. Growing interest in both photovoltaic power as a clean and green source of energy and solar-powered devices has galvanized Sharp to release globally its new LR0GC02 solar module for mobile devices – which it claims is the industry's thinnest.

The solar panel uses compact semiconductor packaging technology, which helps to keep the panel to a thickness of 0.8 mm. Sharp claims this is the thinnest level in the industry. The solar cells in the module are based on polycrystalline silicon and produce a top power of 300 milliwatts (mW).

As an auxiliary power source for mobile devices, the panel is designed to help save energy. As well, the electrode pattern on the cell surface has been engineered to meet the requirements of device manufacturers, resulting in increased design flexibility for mobile devices.

Paul Best