Romanian non-profit green-tech firm Justin Capra Foundation for Sustainable Technologies and Inventions (or FITS), has unveiled the Soleta zeroEnergy range of sustainable off-grid homes. The flexible dwellings are available in several shapes and sizes, and combine rustic modular design with the proverbial kitchen sink of energy saving and producing technologies.

The Soleta zeroEnergy range comprises several homes, ranging from a small unit with just 48 square-meters (516 sq ft) usable floor space (plus attic), up to a relatively sizable model suitable for a family of five, with a main area floor space of 100 square-meters. Clever space-saving storage solutions will help make the most of available space.

While the name may imply that these homes have no energy needs, they've actually been designed to utilize renewable energy sources to allow residents to jump feet-first into the off-grid lifestyle. If that sounds a bit too adventurous, modern amenities like running water and electricity can be hooked-up if desired.

Depending on need and budget, each zeroEnergy home can incorporate a geothermal water heating system, wind power, solar power, and water collection. Large low-e windows and LED lighting feature throughout, and a pellet-burning stove is also available for cooler climes. A computer monitoring system helps keep everything in check.

The houses are reportedly manufactured from 97 percent recycled materials, with wood being the primary material of choice. Each unit is modular, and so if space does eventually become an issue, an extra section should be relatively simple to add. The homes can be built on either wooden foundations, or existing concrete foundations at lower cost.

The Soleta zeroEnergy range of homes are by no means the only viable fully off-grid abodes we’ve covered here at Gizmag, and Studio H:T’s effort springs to mind as an appealing alternative.

The range starts at €25,000 (roughly US$32,000) for the smallest zeroEnergy One, with the larger zeroEnergy Two unit commanding a cool €57,000. A ten-year warranty is included with the sale, and FITS is currently exhibiting a show house outside the US embassy in Bucharest, Romania.

Source: Soleta (in Romanian, but a company rep informed us that English-language content will be added soon)

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