Multitools are often about merging versatility and portability, and the newly announced M250 from Tactica is a particularly functional and classy attempt at striking this balance. The lightweight tool is built for everyday carry but can still accommodate a dozen hex bits, with a magnetic backplate making for extra options when it comes time to stow it away.

Measuring around the same size as a credit card, the M250 is made with a composite material claimed to be 40 percent lighter than titanium, but still with plenty of durability when needed thanks to a hardened stainless steel insert.

Weighing 157 g (5.5 oz) when fully loaded, the M250 comes with an assortment of steel tool bits, including flat, Phillips, torx and hex drivers packed into the magazine. These slot into a hex socket at one end of the magazine as needed, in effect turning the magazine into the tool handle, with a quarter-inch hex extender included for when a little more range is required.

When not in use, the magazine slides into a holster, which is made from nylon and features a pocket-clip and attachment point for looping onto bags. Alternatively, the magnetic backplate means it can be slapped on the fridge or any other metal surface.

In addition to the 12 included hex bits, the magazine has two spare slots so users can add their own, while the tool is also claimed to be TSA-compliant.

Tactica is raising funds on Kickstarter to get the M250 into production, where early pledges of AUD$42 (US$29) are available and will have one sent your way in October this year if everything goes to plan. You can check out the team's pitch video below.

Source: Tactica

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