Bielefeld University

  • Science
    ​Until recently, if you wanted to create an animated full-body computer avatar of a specific person, the process would take several days to complete. Thanks to a new system, however, it's reportedly now possible to whip one up in just 10 minutes.
  • Researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany have developed technology that could provide swimmers with an edge in training, converting pressure data into live audio, allowing the swimmer to perfect their technique in real time.
  • ​The Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a serpent curled around in a circle, consuming its own tail. It also lends its name to Ourobot, a circular shape-shifting all-terrain robot developed by four students at Germany's Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.​
  • Researchers at Bielefeld University have created a one-of-a-kind robot that mimics a stick insect in order to be able to more easily traverse rough ground. It is hoped that such a creation will benefit not only roboticists but also biologists interested in animal movement.
  • Meet James. He’s a barman with a cheery disposition, is quick with your order, and doesn't tolerate queue jumping. He’s also a one-armed robot with a tablet for a head. But the curious thing about James is that he can read your body language to find out whether or not you want to order a drink.