Xbox Series X

The latest news surrounding Microsoft's new Xbox Series X games console.

  • Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, the Xbox Series X, is due out by the end of the year. Here's everything we know and don’t know so far about the next Xbox’s hardware, games, controllers, features and services.
  • Both Microsoft and Sony held press events this week detailing their new consoles. So how well do they stack up against each other? New Atlas compares the specs and features of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.
  • The new Xbox Series X is due out by the end of the year, and Microsoft is just tossing little scraps to us every now and then. The latest of these include more info on the chips running the machine, the graphics capabilities and some other features.
  • This year is shaping up to be an absolute monster for games. We’re in for some new franchises, new entries in long-dormant series, remakes of classics, and to cap it off, brand new consoles for Christmas. Here are our most anticipated games of 2020.