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WaiterPad wireless handheld transforms hospitality

WaiterPad wireless handheld transforms hospitality
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November 7, 2004 WaiterPad is an easy-to-use handheld ordering solution that utilises radio frequency (RF) technology to record and transmit customer orders to preparation areas, as well as instantly update the Point of Sale (POS) system. The brainchild of PalmTEQ Ltd. Australia, the product has been successfully deployed in Australia and the UK and is now entering the North American market in a further move towards the digitisation of hospitality services worldwide.

WaiterPad is a clever use of both software and radio frequency hardware to enable restaurant staff to wirelessly order, process payments and align inventory information with back office operations. This saves time, both for the restaurant and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability. To date, customers in the UK have experienced 12-14 percent improvement to the bottom line and a solid return on investment in four to six months.

"Order management is the fundamental component of every successful hospitality outlet," noted WaiterPad's CEO, Carl Carr. "WaiterPad allows restaurants to communicate valuable information instantly and without error. Our system ties the information gathered at the table with back office systems, enabling restaurateurs to revolutionize their workflow and maximize profitability."

The WaiterPad system is currently installed in over 300 sites in Australia and over 300 sites in the UK. In the US, systems are being implemented in several San Francisco-based restaurants including, the Country Inn and Kelly's Mission Rock.

"We believe the WaiterPad solution will positively affect the lives and jobs of hospitality and foodservice employees, increasing their efficiency while decreasing their workloads," said Jim Kelly, co-owner of Kelly's Mission Rock restaurant in San Francisco. "This means improvements in customer service as well as bottom line profits."

The WaiterPad handheld allows hospitality staff to instantly perform all the functions performed by a manual order pad effortlessly and more efficiently. The WaiterPad solution offers:

A durable POS software solution; proven, wireless RF POS handhelds; and back-office management tools (inventory management, easy-to-use set up tool, reports package, loyalty package, reservation management, timing and attendance, End-2-End Customer Service)

The smallest and lightest handheld hospitality system designed to look like a simple order pad

Pre-formatted menu design, one-touch ordering, and on-the-fly menu configuration

A distributed architecture with complete backup capabilities to ensure stronger security

A complete suite of back office software (Sales Analyst, StockPro, Market Manager, Reservation Manager, Smart Time)

A standard Palm battery that lasts 14-22 hours, with fast recharge capabilities

Product Notes that enable special information to be stored on different menu items to expedite the order process

Up-sell capabilities that prompt wait staff to suggestive sell

A review screen that enables hospitality staff to double-check orders before sending

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