Denmark's Mads Johansen has designed a charming bike-towable caravan prototype that could – providing you're fit enough of course – prove handy for some long distance bicycle touring. Though still in the prototype stage, the Wide Path Camper should be up for sale early next year.

Compared to the Bushtrekka, the Wide Path Camper looks relatively roomy, and sleeps up to two adults and a child. It's also relatively light, weighing in at 40 kg (88 lb) unloaded – which compares favorably to the bike-towable Yurt we recently reported on that weighs a thigh-busting 110 kg (242 lb). Still, you'd probably want to take your vacation somewhere nice and flat like Holland with this thing.

The camper sports over 300 liters (79 US gallons) of storage space, plus a couple of seating areas and a fold-up table. The seating folds into a bed when required, and there are a couple of windows with curtains for privacy.

A small outside kitchen area and an additional awning can also be attached, and solar panels can be added to the roof to enable the charging of low-power devices like smartphones. The camper folds into a compact shape when being towed.

The caravans pictured are all early prototypes and thus subject to change, but Johansen expects the finished model to be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2015. Once complete, it should set you back around US$2,500.

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