March 13, 2007 Given the increasing use of algorithms, we expect many of our readers will rejoice at MathWorks newly announced introduction of two MATLAB builders that let application developers create algorithms in MATLAB and then incorporate them royalty-free into enterprise applications based on Java or .NET technologies. The new builders eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of recoding an algorithm created in MATLAB into Java or a .NET language. The new MATLAB Builders for .NET and Java will save considerable effort by repackaging algorithms developed in MATLAB into deployable components that can be used royalty-free in desktop and Web applications.

MATLAB Builder for Java converts MATLAB algorithms into standard Java classes that can be called from any Java application. MATLAB Builder for .NET converts MATLAB algorithms into standard .NET or Common Object Model (COM) components. With both builders, engineers and scientists can leverage the high-level language, technical functions, and visualization tools in MATLAB to efficiently prototype and develop their algorithms, which can then be distributed to users without MATLAB as components of desktop or Web applications.


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MATLAB Builder for Java is available immediately for the Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms. MATLAB Builder for .NET is available immediately for the Microsoft Windows platform. U.S. list prices for each product start at US$4,000.

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