June 5, 2009 Billed as the largest capacity, fastest bus-powered portable storage solution on the market, OWC's Mercury On-The-Go Pro series features 500GB, 7200RPM HDD and triple interface (FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and/or USB 2.0) connectivity for data transfer at speeds of up to 100MB/s.

Measuring 3.5"(W) x 5.5"(D) x 1"(H), the Mercury On-The-Go Pro range has a fairly no-frills aesthetic, with clear acrylic cases and single blue LED to show activity. The units incorporate shock-isolation technology to protect data, promise faster boot-up speeds than many notebooks, plus enough storage capacity for up to half a million j-pegs, 175,000 MP3 songs or 38 hours of digital footage.

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More Information

The OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro 500GB is available at USD$239.99 for the triple interface FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0, USD$219.99 for the combo FireWire 400 and USB 2.0, and USD$189.99 for USB 2.0 only.

Mercury On-The-Go Pro Specs:

  • Fully suitable for Audio/Video applications
  • Oxford or JMicron bridge chipset
  • 2.5" Serial ATA (SATA) 500GB 7200RPM hard drive
  • 16MB hard drive data cache
  • Data transfer speeds up to 100MB/s
  • Fanless operation

Michael Mulcahy

For more information, visit OWC.