20Q handheld offers hours of fun for $25

20Q handheld offers hours of fun for $25
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Okay, this is kinda cheesy but rates as fun and has a knack for keeping young children amused for extended periods of time with healthy thought-provoking interaction.

The 20Q is a handheld game based on the popular - a version of the classic 20 questions guessing game that uses artificial intelligence to guess what you are thinking based on the answers you provide.

The site has been around for a while (since 1995) and they've learned a lot along the way and you can play the game on-line to see what to expect from the handheld, or test their V6 beta version which is even better.

To play, think of an everyday object. You must firstly identify whether your chosen object is animal, vegetable or mineral and then answer a series of 20 questions.

If it guesses correctly within 20 questions, it wins. If not, you win! And win it does ... in the vast majority of cases. Now it's not perfect, and we can't verify the claim it really is artificial intelligence, but hey, it's only AUD$24.95 and the perfect entertainment for small children (and a few big ones) for car trips, flights and long queues in waiting rooms!

20Q is available now from Big W, David Jones, Kmart, Myer, Target, Toys "R" Us and Toyworld with an RRP of $24.99 and is distributed by Dorcy Irwin Pacific. For stockist information, please call Dorcy Irwin Pacific Customer Service on 1800 228 889.

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