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LaserPecker Pro burns custom graphics onto your stuff

LaserPecker Pro burns custom g...
The LaserPecker Pro is presently on Kickstarter
The LaserPecker Pro is presently on Kickstarter
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The LaserPecker Pro is presently on Kickstarter
The LaserPecker Pro is presently on Kickstarter
The LaserPecker Pro in hot, burning action
The LaserPecker Pro in hot, burning action

In order to give something a fancy, personalized touch, there's nothing quite like custom-engraving it. Regular folks could soon be able to do so themselves – sort of – using the not-at-all-funnily-named LaserPecker Pro.

Equipped with a 405-nanometer blue-violet laser that should reportedly be good for over 10,000 hours of use, the Pro is capable of burning graphics (or text) into materials such as fabric, wood, leather, plastic and metal … so it doesn't really engrave, per se. It can, however, also be set to burn right through paperboard, allowing users to create laser-cut pieces for three-dimensional models.

Graphics files are sent to the device via Bluetooth from an iOS/Android app on the user's smartphone. The item-to-be-customized sits below the Pro, on the bottom of a telescoping stand.

The device then uses a separate laser to gauge its distance from the top surface of the object, automatically raising or lowering itself on the stand in order to center the graphic on the item. Yet another laser is then used to project a preview image onto the surface, allowing users to manually tweak the size or positioning before the burning starts.

The LaserPecker Pro in hot, burning action
The LaserPecker Pro in hot, burning action

Because things can subsequently get pretty bright, the Pro comes with a folding blue light-blocking shield that gets set up around it. That said, users are also advised to use safety goggles, and to not stare directly at the laser spot. Additionally, it requires a password to operate, plus it shuts down if it starts to overheat, or if movement is detected.

Should you be interested in getting a LaserPecker Pro, you can do so via its current Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$269 is required, with shipping planned for January if everything works out. The expected retail price is $399.

Source: Kickstarter

It should really come with goggles and a safety course (and interlocks, but obviously that's asking too much). 405nm is visible light, so it goes right through your cornea and lens to your retina. One good specular reflection and your eyes could be done.
Common sense says "don't stand on top 2 steps of ladder", yet someone does, sue's & wins! Yeah, wear goggles, don't look at the light...
This article leaves out a great deal of information available on the kickstarter site. The basic unit mounts on a tripod, the "auto-focus supporting stand" will be a $129.00 US extra, also all the kits include goggles as well as the shields. The setup pictured above is $369.00 US and retail will be $569.00 US.