AVLabs releases new high-end wireless Bluetooth speakers

AVLabs releases new high-end w...
AVLabs' new AVL337 wireless bluetooth speakers
AVLabs' new AVL337 wireless bluetooth speakers
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AVLabs' new AVL337 wireless bluetooth speakers
AVLabs' new AVL337 wireless bluetooth speakers

May 30, 2007 Wires are rubbish - and yet most of us still have great tangles of cords and cables sticking out of the backs of our PCs. This beautiful set of high-end Bluetooth speakers gets rid of one more wire from your rig - and you don't have to have a bluetooth-enabled PC to enjoy their silky wireless tones.

AVLabs have just released their AVL337 wireless Bluetooth speaker system, retailing at AU$399. The speakers connect to a power socket each, but after that you can place them where you like, up to 10 metres from your PC, laptop, PDA or phone. With a 5.25" woofer and 30W per channel of peak output, they look gorgeous and should sound sensational.

A Bluetooth adaptor is an option for those without Bluetooth devices - it will cost around AU$99, but offers you the ability to connect an extra set of mobile speakers to your home stereo or iPod and move them around the house and follow the party wherever it goes.

We should have a set to try out soon thanks to Australian distributor Audion Innovision. Here's hoping they sound as classy as they look!

Features include:- Output power: 30 X 2RMS- Frequency response: 35~20000Hz- Drivers: Woofer 5.25” woofer + 1” tweeter- Signal-to-noise ratio: 75dB - Dimensions: 180 x 232 x 320mm - Magnetically shielded drivers - Removable power cord - Hi-fi type speaker sockets - Acoustic absorber - Front panel piano finish - Bluetooth V.1.2, class 2, A2DP distance from 10m - 748 kbps data speed

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