The prospect of skateboarding down a steep hill can be a daunting one. Having a brake-equipped board can make things a bit safer, although a sudden application of those brakes can still send you tumbling off the front. That's why Australia's Streetboardz created the Boarder Kontrol Skateboard. Not only does it have rear brakes, but they're activated by a leash that keeps the rider in place on the deck.

The idea behind the Boarder Kontrol is fairly simple. Its adjustable-length leash pulls on a steel cable, and that cable in turn pulls on the brake arms. This in turn causes the two replaceable brake pads to push against the brake discs on the inside of the back wheels. The harder the rider pulls, the greater the braking power.

Additionally, the leash provides the rider with a third point of contact with the board (besides their two feet), reportedly helping them to maintain stability even when not braking. It can be removed when not needed, plus its handle can be looped around the front wheels when carrying the board, turning it into a shoulder strap.

The board itself has an 8-ply deck, weighs 3.75 kg (8.3 lb) and is 37.5 inches (95.25 cm) in length. Plans call for a retrofit kit to also be available, which will allow users to install the leash-braking system on existing skateboards.

The Boarder Kontrol is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of AUD$155 (about US$108) will get you one – when and if it reaches production. If you just want a retrofit kit, those require a pledge of AUD$75 (US$52). The planned retail prices are AUD$320 and $140 (US$223 and $98), respectively.

You can see the board in action, in the pitch video below.

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