The prices of smart home devices are slowly reaching a point where they're affordable, but BroadLink is aiming to bring said functions to users at a price that is truly within the comfort zone of the masses. Its DIY smart home kit, called SmartONE (S1), is available for less than US$50.

Like most connected home systems, the S1 features a central brain that receives signals from an array of sensors around the user's home. In the case of the S1, a total of 16 different sensors can be connected to one hub, which should prove to be enough to cover the needs of most households. The starter kit comes with two sensors, and more can be purchased after the fact.

The first two sensors that are available are the door and infrared (PIR) motion sensor. These, along with other internet-connected devices, can be used for all kinds of things. For example, the motion sensor could be used to turn on the lights in a room automatically when someone walks in. Or, it could be used just to alert the homeowner that motion was detected if there shouldn't be any.

The door sensor can be used to monitor doors, windows, and anything else that needs to open or close. Just like the motion sensor, what the user does with the knowledge that a door is open will depend on their needs.

Outside of sensors, the S1 also includes a key fob that allows users to arm their sensors with a quick press. Users can also disarm and put the system in SOS mode using this remote.

BroadLink, the company behind the S1, promises an easy set up that can be done with one button in the system's application. Adding a new sensor is promised to only require the user to scan a barcode with their phone that has the S1's app installed.

For now, only the initial two sensors are available, but the team plans to add more in the future. Additional sensors include a multi-direction PIR motion sensor, a ceiling PIR motion sensor, a smoke detector, and so on.

BroadLink is seeking funding for its new S1 system on Pozible. It has received over $7,000 in funding, and it still has close to two months left in its funding period. Backers who would like to preorder a S1 system can do so for a minimum pledge of $37 while the early special lasts, from there the price jumps to $44. The team plans to deliver the kits in April.

The pitch video below shows the S1 system in use.

Source: Pozible

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