As any recreational angler will know, fish can be a finicky bunch – so when you do catch one, it's good to keep a record of the location and conditions which allowed that to happen. Cyberfishing's new Smart Rod Sensor is designed to help you do that.

Equipped with an inertial measurement unit (an accelerometer/gyroscope combo) along with a Bluetooth module and other electronic components, the 9-gram waterproof device is attached to any third-party fishing rod using two rubber O-rings.

Once activated, it proceeds to count the number of casts made in each fishing session. Whenever you catch a fish, you just press a button on the Sensor. This causes an accompanying iOS/Android app to record not only the fact that a fish was caught, but also the time, date, geographical location and current weather conditions.

Utilizing the app, you can later review your overall fishing history (or share it online with other users), seeing how many casts were required to catch how many fish at various locations under various conditions, and at various times and dates.

It's also possible to manually input the species and weight of trophy fish – along with smartphone photos of them – so you can later see where and when the biggest and best were landed. In this way, it's possible to determine prime fishing spots.

The Smart Rod Sensor can be preordered now via the link below, and is priced at US$88.88.

Source: Cyberfishing

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