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Get a workout while you work with the Elliptical Machine Office Desk

Get a workout while you work w...
The Elliptical Machine Office Desk
The Elliptical Machine Office Desk
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The Elliptical Machine Office Desk
The Elliptical Machine Office Desk
The Elliptical Machine Office Desk
The Elliptical Machine Office Desk

If you're finding it hard to shed those extra pounds because you're chained to desk all day and can't find time to fit in some exercise then the Elliptical Machine Office Desk will mean there's no more excuses. Consisting of an adjustable-height desk that pairs with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer, it's claimed the setup will allow the average user to burn about 4,000 calories in a typical working week. And with a healthy body and a healthy mind said to go hand in hand, the setup might even make you more productive in the office.

At the press of a button the desk's height adjusts from 27- to 47-inches (68.5 to 119 cm), so it can be used with a standard office chair, the semi-recumbent elliptical trainer, or even while standing. The elliptical machine features a padded swivel chair with an adjustable backrest. The resistance level of the pedals is electronically controlled via the included 4- by 6-inch monitor that is attached to the desk on an adjustable arm. The monitor also displays distance, watts, rpm, and calories burned and stores information for up to 30 users.

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk
The Elliptical Machine Office Desk

It's suitable for users ranging in height from 5' 2" to 6' 9" (157 to 206 cm) and weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kg) - although hopefully the device will help bring the weight of anyone on the borderline down in a timely fashion.

This isn't the first contraption we've seen that aims to improve the health of office workers. If you're looking for a full body desk-bound workout then the GymyGym exercise chair might look a bit odd but is said to have all the major muscle groups covered. Alternatively, the Walk At Work treadmill will let you take a stroll at your desk - provided your cubicle is big enough to accommodate it.

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for US$8,000 with an additional $450 for delivery - which means most offices will still be encouraging their workforces to lose weight the old fashioned way - by eating healthier and walking instead of driving when possible.

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If your exercising generated electrical power for the office, it would be a useful device.
It would be a lot cheaper to just put a regular elliptical machine under a tall desk. Although I\'m still partial to treadmill desks, which have a much more natural walking action.
Lori Appleman
We carry them though we can't advertise them online. This is a lot cooler in person than you think but most of our customers are buying them for common areas. It's sort of a work break. Getting people to move is a life stretcher and minimizes many health problems so it's a good investment for a company.
Most individuals would have a hard time with the price and not every employee would use it if they had it. Still for a company, this thing pays off very quickly in higher productivity and fewer absences and worker's comp claims for bad backs. One valuable employee with back problems will cost a company far more than $8K.