One device that's leading the charge of internet of things devices into the home is the light bulb, with companies including Philips, Insteon, LIFX Labs and Lumen all providing options. Now, GE is joining the party with Link, a connected LED bulb with a fairly reasonable price tag.

As you might expect, Link bulbs can be controlled via an app that allows users to adjust brightness and set different moods for different spaces in their home. Of course, it also allows users to remotely turn lights on and off. The app, called Wink, has been around for a while, as it works with GE's other connected products, such as the Aros air conditioner.

Link light bulbs will be available in three different options – an A19 shaped 60 W replacement, a BR30-shaped 65 W equivalent, and a 90 W replacement PAR 38 spotlight-style bulb. The A19 60 W replacement is the standard light bulb shape and comes with a US$14.97 price tag, while the 65 W equivalent costs $19.97, and the spotlight is a little more at $24.97.

To take advantages of the connected features provided by the ZigBee-certified bulbs, a GE Link hub is required, which will set consumers back $29.97. There's also a starter kit that contains two of the 60 W bulbs and a hub for $49.97. Like all LED bulbs, GE promises a longer lifespan and lower power use than traditional incandescents, thus saving money in the long run despite the higher up front cost.

GE has started taking preorders for its new Link LED bulbs at Home Depot, with orders set to be filled between July 4 and July 8.

Source: GE

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