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GO-Trust Inc. embeds smart card chips in SD memory modules

GO-Trust Inc. embeds smart car...
GO-Trust SD Solution
GO-Trust SD Solution
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GO-Trust SD Solution
GO-Trust SD Solution

April 7, 2008 Security solutions provider GO-Trust Inc. has launched new technology that enables manufacturers and developers of smart cards and smart card based security solutions to offer their applications on any mobile device that accepts a SD standard, mini or micro memory card, without any modification of the mobile device. The company has developed IC’s, firmware and drivers that enable smart card manufacturers to embed their technology in SD memory chips and operate seamlessly on a wide range of mobile devices. This opens up users of mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, tablet PCs, mobile TVs, portable ultrasound units, digital cameras, digital camcorders, MP3/MP4 Players, digital picture frames, GPS, graphing calculators and the Wii Game System as potential users for chip based security solutions.

Using the GO-Trust proprietary security/flash controller, firmware and a specially developed multi-platform SDK, existing applications can run unchanged in a mobile device and call the security module embedded in the SD memory just as if it was a regular sized smart card inserted in a USB card reader attached to a PC. In many cases the application can reside in the Flash memory and be auto loaded as soon as the SD memory is inserted, making the operation totally transparent to the user.

The launch of the GO-Trust SD Solution is taking place on April 9th during the RSA Conference 2008 in San Francisco.

For further info visit GO-Trust.

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