Urban Transport

Sit-down skateboarding at speed

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The Body-Cart is an ergonomically designed, motorised, three-wheeled full-body skateboard capable of covering 70km on a single tank of fuel at speeds up to 28kmh. Sturdy enough to hold an adult, the Body-Cart's 50CC engine delivers power via the 12" rear wheel and steering is achieved by shifting body-weight as per a conventional skateboard. Thankfully, unlike skateboarding, a hand lever operating a rear drum brake is provided. The engine peaks at 4000RPM and runs on a 2-stroke mix and the 70km range is based on a 1.4 litre tank of fuel. The Body Cart costs US$1825 and is available online at www.reallycooltoys.com where a QuickTime video of the Body-Cart can be viewed.

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