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The Home Ethernet Network you didn't know you already had

The Home Ethernet Network you didn't know you already had
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The NeverWire 14 Ethernet Port allows the creation of unlimited network extensions to your broadband connection without the hassle of installing additional cable. The device utilises the electrical system to enable your broadband access to be transferred to anywhere in the house where there is a standard power-outlet.

The first NeverWire unit is connected to the existing broadband connection and to an electrical socket. The second unit can then be plugged in to any power-outlet in the house and in turn connected to the PC or any ethernet-enabled device to complete the "Power Ethernet Bridge".

A single network can support 16 NeverWire devices and unlimited Ethernet devices can be connected to each according to Australian distributor Bender Infotech.

NeverWire 14 works with PC's laptops, hubs, switches, routers and any Ethernet enabled device. A secure button can be used to set private encryption and the system is easy to move from room to room.

The Neverwire 14 costs AUD$169. To learn more see

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