Yaktrax - snowchains for your feet

Yaktrax - snowchains for your feet
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October 30, 2005 We put snow chains on our cars to give us traction on ice and snow, so this is one of those ideas we’ll accept fairly readily. Indeed, the Yaktrax is such a good idea that it was recently on show in the Museum of Modern Art in New York as "masterfully designed product for everyday use". The Yaktrax Walker was chosen among 122 other products (such as the Paper Clip, Post-It-Note and Band-Aid) as one product that "makes peoples lives easier and safer". There are two models of Yaktrax – one for walking and one for active sports, and the simple propostion is that you stretch these onto your shoes and 1000 biting edges suddenly give you a solid footing. The active sports version, named the Yaktrax Pro, has a removable performance strap for stability under the greater stresses experienced at running speeds.

The patented design of the Walker makes it a unique solution to walking on packed snow and ice. The outerband conforms to the length and width of your boot or shoe. The high strength horizontal coils provide forward and backward stability. The vertical coil pattern provide side-to-side stability.

At US$19.95 a pair, Yaktrax Walkers are almost a mandatory acquisition if you live anywhere where it gets colder than freezing. Similarly, if you plan on moving quickly and live in that environment, you’ll benefit from the additional stability of the US$27.99 Yaktrax pro.

They are available on-line or you can find a retailer in the US here or an international distributor here.

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