The Easy-Klick Sortimo System – easy to transfer from the van to the workshop

The Easy-Klick Sortimo System – easy to transfer from the van to the workshop
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February 21, 2006 There is more than one-way to use a vehicle and we love the concept of modular, click-in and click-out fittings for vans and automobiles, enabling them to morph into the environment required for different specific tasks. So when we saw the latest from Sortimo Internationalwe felt it was worth a mention.

Sortimo already produces a wide range of in-vehicle racking solutions and is preparing to launch a newly developed 'Easy-Klick System'. The system adds another concept to the mobile workshop allowing even more flexibility than before. It enables a fully equipped trades vehicle to be transformed into one with an empty loading area from time to time, completely painlessly. The modules all come fitted with wheels, so they can be wheeled in and out of the van for easier-on-site access, or for cleaning or for complete removal.

Just wheel the system into place and "click" it to the anchoring points. Straight away everything is securely fastened. When you require your vehicle to transport some bulky goods and you need an empty load area, just "unclick" the equipment and you are ready to go. What we need Sortimo to do now is design the modules for a weekend-camper so that can be clicked in on Friday afternoon for a quick jaunt across the border.

Your Easy-Klick Sortimo System on wheels can accompany you wherever you want to go and you will have everything neatly stored and ready at hand. An added safety feature is connection of the equipment system to the anti-slip safety floor insert SobogripPlus. All of Sortimo's equipment is TüV crash tested.

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