Billed as "the world’s first bean to cup, Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine," Smarter Coffee lets you brew your perfect cup of Joe from your smartphone or tablet. The Smarter app controls the grinding of beans, coffee strength and how many cups to make, then wakes you when your coffee is ready and keeps it warm for 20 minutes.

The free iOS and Android apps provide a host of other features including notifications when the machine it needs more water or when it's running low on coffee beans. You can set schedules to suit your lifestyle. Want your coffee a couple of hours later on a Sunday morning to get some extra shuteye? No problem.

The Smarter app can also learn your routines and suggest times you might want a cup of coffee. There's even a Welcome Home mode so you can have a cup of fresh, hot coffee waiting when you walk in the door after work (now, if only it could learn to pour a glass of wine...).

The Smarter Coffee machine can brew up a single cup or, with the help of the included Smarter Carafe, up to 12 cups at once. Use your favorite fresh pre-ground beans or grind fresh beans to your preference (coarse, medium or fine).

Setting up a community of users allows you to send and receive drink requests, share devices and swap tips, while the Smarter leaderboard lets you rate other user's coffee-making skills and share on social media and within your network.

The 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Smarter Coffee machine is compatible with IFTTT, Apple HomeKit and all major connected devices. So if your wearable tracker notices you've had a bad night's sleep, the Smarter app could recommend a stronger coffee when you wake up.

If you think your kitchen isn't complete without the Smarter Coffee machine (RRP US$199.95) you'll need to wait until March to get your hands on one, although you can pre-order from Firebox now (note that it will ship with a UK plug only so coffee lovers in other countries will need to purchase an adapter). It will also be available in Apple stores across Europe.

The Smarter Coffee machine isn't the only app-driven, bean-grinding, Wi-Fi-connected coffee machine Gizmag has reported on. Last year's Bruvelo coffee maker fell short of its funding target on Kickstarter and therefore did not make it into production. Its developers have announced plans to relaunch a fresh crowdfunding campaign for a new and improved machine soon, though.

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