Owning a smartphone is a bit like being a kid who got too many toys for his birthday. No matter how many apps you have, you still want it to do something more. Imagination Farm USA LLC, based in Houston, Texas, decided that the something more was the Holho “hologram generator,” which uses a set of mirrors perched on a smartphone or tablet to produce the illusion of a moving 3D image.

The Holho is the focus of a Kickstarter project running until September 24. It comes in several versions, with the most distinctive being the Holho Full Pyramid. As the name suggests, this consists of a four-angled mirror on an inverted base sized for smartphones and tablets, which provide the illusion of a 3D image floating in space that can be seen from any angle. It’s actually four images generated by an app and positioned beneath the mirrors. The images have full motion, so you can watch jellyfish swimming, fireworks bursting, or a couple dancing in silhouette. According to Imagination Farm, a number of videos have already been developed and the app also allows users to create their own images and videos.

Other versions of the Holho include the Naked, which is designed for 10-inch tablets and uses a simple fold-up mirror to create the 3D effect. When closed, it doubles as a tablet case. A step up is the Holho Zed, where the tablet goes into the top of a perspex stand and shines the image on an angled transparent screen and can also include a picture stand that projects an image using a white LED and then generates a 3D-effect picture frame around it.

The Holho Zed

Finally, there is the Holho Three-Face Pyramid, which uses a three-faced pyramid inside a case. It’s intended for commercial use and product display, and uses a special app for generating the three faces.

No projected retail price or release date for the Holho Collection has been announced, although a pledge of US$28 will get you a Full Pyramid, when and if they reach production.

The video below introduces the product line.

Source: Kickstarter via Dvice

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