Homescreen Media of Australia has introduced a fire-resistant bag called the Hovervault, to help prevent property damage from battery fires that might occur during the charging, transporting and storing of hoverboards. Made of fiberglass composite materials, the Hovervault is designed to contain a fire in the event of a malfunctioning hoverboard battery.

Low-quality lithium-Ion batteries made in China have been one suspected cause of the growing number of house fires and personal injuries that have been attributed to the popular, but malfunctioning devices.

Most major airlines now ban hoverboards on their planes, and Amazon stopped carrying many of the less expensive versions now made in China, demanding they be improved before it would carry them again. The Hovervault is not meant to forego the travel ban at this time.

Homescreen Media is taking pre-orders of the Hovervault for AUD$49.95 (approximately US$39) not including an AUD$10 (approximately US$7) international shipping charge on orders up to 10.

Source: Hovervault

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